Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bath mats

6 new bath mats from 2 towels.
fold your bath towel in thirds & cut, then just lay out your chosen off cuts & sew together. place the font side down & machine stitch around the outside leave an opening to turn right side out. stitch around the outside & along both sides of the seams if you like & your done.

 these two towels i purchased about 20 years ago they are very good quality towels made in Australia. we could still have used them as bath towels as they are still nice & thick, however as they are just a regular size towel they are a little small for my boys now [perfect for when they were children]. we now use bath sheets. [imagine how many mats i could make out of one of those].

some of you may remember the blue, green & white fabric from this post, it is the left over fabric from the curtains i made using a sheet from the op shop.

these ones the brown check fabric came from a friends throw out {thanks Carolyn} & the surfboard fabric is left over from some PJ shorts i made for summer.

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Allana said...

I've been meaning to make these for ages, might have to get onto it now you've re-inspired me!
Just found your blog - I'll be back for a better read soon for sure :)