Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grocery Bag Tutorial

Christine's Bag
this is part of a gift for son #1's girlfriend, a bag to carry her books to uni. 
i saw a bag like this a while a go on a blog,[ i cant remember where]. so i thought id give a tutorial a go. it seemed easy, till you have to do it that is. please be kind :o).

if you want to make a lined bag like mine you will need to cut the body piece & the two side gussets for the inside lining in a contrast fabric. cut all pieces pictured above for the outside of the bag. all measurements are in inches, bigger numbers on my tape measure = good for tired eyes. all seams are double stitched.

my bag has lined paper sewn on it, if you do not wish to do this then skip this step.
5" from top edge of the body of  the bag draw a line across. you can use a water washable pen, I just use a pencil. sew a blue line over the pencil then a second line close to the first.  then using the foot as a guide for spacing continue sewing down the bag front. i went down about 12"
Red Line [see picture #4] sew a red line 3" from the side down the bag to the last line.

Picture #2
for the making of the bag i will be showing the inside lining.
fold the Body of the bag in half top to bottom,[long ways] now pin the Gusset from the top of the bag to the end of the gusset on both sides. making sure right sides are facing each other.
sew down both sides leaving the bottom open.

Picture #3
Sew along the short end, this has now formed the bottom of the bag
repeat for the second gusset on the other side of the bag.
now do steps from pictures #2 & #3 for the outside of the bag.

Red line stitch. this is the bag once it is stitched with gussets in. 

Picture #5
turn bag right side out. if you want to stitch something on the front now is the time.
i wrote on it with a lead pencil & then stitched it with black embroidery thread, also added a felt heart as one of the i' dots. 

Picture #6
now place the lining inside the bag making sure it is still inside out.
pin & stitch around the top.

Picture #7
Picture #8
to make the handles fold in half length ways & iron. sew down the long open edge.

Picture #9
now turn handle pieces right side out. this can sometimes be a bit difficult, this is the method i use.
2 nappy pins & a piece of scrap cloth. pins in either end of cloth.

Picture #10
pin one end to the opening of your handle.

Picture #11
now thread the other end half way through the tube & then start to work the pined end in after it.

Picture #12
now just pull all the way through, do the other one & then iron them both.

Picture #13
turn the bag inside out, fold down the top about 3/4" & iron.

Picture #14
fold over again about 1 1/2" iron & pin.

Picture #15
insert handles under fold, 4" from side seam.

Picture #16
fold the handle forward & pin. do the same for the other 3 ends. after you have pined one handle & one end of the second handle line them up & measure to make sure they are the same length then pin. now try the bag on to make sure the handles are the right length.

Picture #17
sew along the top edge first.

Picture #18
now sew along the bottom edge.

Picture #19
for the handles i always like to reinforce with a box cross.

now its already to go off to school.
you can make these bags any size you like, they are super easy & quick to make up.
if you have any questions please let me know.

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