Friday, November 11, 2011


i saw this & decided i wanted to make some thing similar on a smaller scale

started out with lengths of rough sawn timber that i picked up from out the front of a crate/box place in their throw out bins.

cut 10 the same length

cut 4 cross pieces

cut 2 angled pieces. glued & nailed the cross & angled pieces to the backing boards. punched & filled the nail holes & sanded the putty.

gave them one coat of white paint. at this point i thought i was going to top coat them with the blue from the dinning room, distress sand & mount them on either side of the kitchen server opening but after looking at them for a few weeks i decided to leave them the way they were & instead lean them against the wall. the good thing about that is i can put them any where


so this where they will stay for the time being

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