Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vintage Collection

Kodak Six-20 Brownie model- C

The camera takes 6x9 pictures on 620 film (hence the name, "six-20"). This is about as simple as a roll-film camera gets. it's just a metal box with a winder for the film, a window in the back for a frame counter & a fixed-aperture lens with a single- speed shutter operated by a simple spring. It was made between 1946 and 1953 & was made in London. 

$15 at the local school market, it is well used & is missing the leather handle on the top.

i will not be limited to just cameras. this is the second item in my collection the other is a slide machine. everyone knows 3 items make a collection so the third item is the glass jug above, it is also made by Kodak [Kodak Australia] & was used in a dark room.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh How I love the old box brownies. My husband and I have a rather large collection of them now.
In the past we used them quite a bit as we had a darkroom. But there is no room here for one, so they're in storage waiting...
$15 is a great price.
Yes you sound like you are well on your way to a collection!