Friday, March 05, 2010

New Old Curtains

New Curtains

last sunday i made new curtains for J's room
i used three single bed sheets, two flat & one fitted
the white & wavy lined sheets came from Vinnies for $3 each [i purchased these when i went to vinnies for drop sheets for my furniture]
& the Purple one was one of J's old single fitted sheets [don't need anymore as he now has a queen size bed]
i used key rings & bulldog clips to attach to the existing curtain rod.
i made them a lot longer than the old ones, i find with short windows people tend to skimp on curtain length & its look crap.
i am very happy how they turned out & super cheep to make

before, lovely butterfly curtains, just what every teenage boy wants LOL


greenfumb said...

I was looking at the photo of the butterfly curtains while reading and thinking how strange for a teenage boy - silly me, should have known there was another photo :-)

How's the job going?

Anne said...

I love opp shop bargins.

Have you checked out the church opp shop in Blaxland next to the paint shop. I gotten some great stuff there and its cheap too.

I was in a opp shop at Penrith last week. I nearly fell over at some of the prices that they where charging for things. A lot of the stuff was stained and chiped.