Friday, March 26, 2010

My Place & Yours

This week at My Place & Yours its all about the Top Draw & whats in it.
well in our house there are a lot of top draws & most of them are in my craft room
so lets have a look & see what we can find.

this is one of the top draws in my desk {yes it always looks like this}

top draw in my kitchen

this is a third draw in the kitchen but i lov it cause it has baking supplies in it


angelina said...

you neat obsessed freaky freak you!!!
((im really jealous))

Jacqui said...

so neat Nicole! Actually, I'm quite similar. I started my new (and boring)(but I'm not complaining) job last week and the first thing I had to do was organise the top drawer. Eeek I hate a bit mashy mess of stuff floating around - now it's all nice and tidy. How's that lovely big garden growing and how are your chooks?

Jackie said...

They are so tidy!!! Maybe I need to be more organised? I know I definitely need to de clutter a bit.

Nicole said...

chooks are all good, getting 4 eggs a day. my garden only has a rogue pumpkin & the rest is just fruit trees, just havent had the time or the money to do anything with the garden beds.
im not really an obsessed freak, i just like tidy draws so i can find what i want straight away. now if you were to see my craft room you would all be very surprised & maybe a little scared.

Out Back said...

Oh you are so organised, I dare not show you my drawers!