Tuesday, September 09, 2008

spring update

the rain disappeared after 3 days & now we are back to the warm spring weather again. Ive been sick since Wednesday with the flu, today I'm starting to feel like myself again except for the runny nose & the hacking cough I'm just peachy.
yesterday afternoon i decided to do a bit of spring cleaning. i dragged down all the bowls, jugs, canisters & other kitchen items from up on top of the cabinets. don't ya just hate the sticky dust that forms in kitchens. I'm pretty bad i usually only clean them every 6 months or so, or if i need to use something. everything was washed dried & rearranged back on the top by about 6.30pm just in time to sit down to tea {chicken legs, baked potatoes, peas & gravy}.

i also took down the autumn/winter wreath from the front door & made a spring bush one. don't know how long it will last, just giving it a mist spray every

some bush flowers for the kitchen
on the dish cloth front i have finished 5, i am a lot quicker at knitting them now & i don't even need to look at the pattern any more. i found this waffle weave pattern at homespun living blog http://homespunliving.blogspot.com
i lov how they have turned out. i have purchased a few other colours so i will continue on until i am sick of making them or the weather gets too hot.

On Saturday i went into spotlight to get some flannelet & a pattern for some Pjs, they had a buy 1 pattern get 1 free, so i also got an apron pattern {3 half aprons & 2 full aprons}.
Pj pants are on my to do list this week all my old ones are on their last legs LOL.

Baking Sunday* White Choc chunk biscuits * ANZAC * left over cake * & a new old item was Short bread haven't made this in maybe 10 years so it on the new item list.

the Radish & Cabbage that i planted on the 25th Aug, emerged from the soil on the weekend, i think it had something to do with all that rain we had. Praise to the rain gods :o)

Radish Shoots

Pea Flowers


i was asked to see a pic of the 70s quilt on the bed so here it is.

Working on List/To Do List
Floor Rug* 14 colours down
Knitted Dish Cloths*5
Patchwork Quilt* still about the 1/2 way mark on the top stitching Cross Stitch* still on the list
Hen House* the end is in sight
Pj Bottoms*mmm Red flannel with White spots


ButterflyGirl said...

I love the look of those dishcloths, what yarn do you use for it?? And would you mind sharing the pattern??


Anonymous said...

Oh wow you have been busy. I do love that quilt!
I enjoy making knitted dishcloths, I have afew I made and but I haven't made any for awhile. I might get my needles out again...
What yarn do you use and could you share your pattern, please?


Nicole said...

Vanessa & Emily, i have put up the pattern for you both. i use 100% cotton but i have just purchased a cotton bamboo mix {wow is it soft} will make great baby flannels