Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Finishing Line/ Spring Time

Ah Spring Time again. i lov lov lov winter, the cold crisp mornings, putting on my scarf & gum boots to work in the garden, i will miss these things & many more when we head into the warmer weather of late spring & summer.
as i am new to this simpler life {gardening & such } i am now looking forward to the spring planting & the arrival of chickens, it is going to be a fun summer. there are how ever 2 things i hate about the summer & that is the HOT weather, i dont do well in the heat & the other is snakes, we back onto National Park so lots of bush.

on Saturday we went to the Gardening Australia Expo at Homebush
i was disappointed with most of it. i wanted to come home with a couple of Apple Trees, a Raspberry, Blackberry, Loganberry, some knee pads & a couple of other things, but alas it was not to be, not one of the items on my list were there. if i wanted water tanks or astro turf i would have been set. we did come home with some Lemon Myrtle products, the hand cream & soap smell just Devinne & my hands haven't been this soft in years. also picked up 3 of those rubbery buckets with the 2 handles, 1 is now in the kitchen for the recycling & the other 2 i will use in the garden.
we didn't get a chance to watch any of the talks as there were just too many people but i understand that Peters talk was great. he is a very nice man & he has forgotten more than i will ever know about gardening { i met him when we lived in Tassie, we had a great chat one afternoon in his veggie patch after they had filmed one of his segments}.
this was the first time we had gone to the show & i don't think i will be going next year,not as many things as i was hoping for & the $17 each was a bit steep. my SIL said they didn't have as many things as they had had in previous years.

the finish line is in sight, if the weather is fine this weekend the Hen House will be finished ready for some cluckers.

Red Door & Floor

my queen sized 70s blanket is now finished Woo Hoo
the colours are much brighter in real life, that light colour is green.

so i started a new project on Friday, knitted dish cloths i have already finished 2 i would have finished at least 3 more but i keep dropping stitches or i get interrupted & do the wrong stitches & as im no good at fixing my mistakes i have to unravel the lot & start again.
ill put up some pics next time & a link to the pattern

Working on List
Knitted Dish Cloths {2 down}
Patchwork Quilt {1/2 way through the top stitching}
Floor Rug {10 colours in & many more to go}
Advance Australia Cross-Stitch
{just the wording to stitch}
Hen House {on the home stretch}

70s Blanket {Finished}

i was asked about the Hens that i want to get so here is the list:
Rhode Island Red
New Hampshire
Light Sussex
Silver Laced Wyandotte
the reason i have chosen these breeds is for their egg production & their meat.
i am how ever having a hard time finding them.


Anne said...

I love the 70's blanket.
One day when I get better crochet I'll attempt to make one.

Nicole said...

hey anne if you ever want some help let me know :o)

Chooks'r'us said...

can't WAIT to see this hen house! Green and red - it'll be lovely. Have you tried the Backyard Poultry Forum for sourcing your chooks? There is a link on my blog. We also looked at Farmstock Classifieds when we were searching. Local produce stores often have lists up - you can get Rhodies up here and there is a woman up in Katoomba who is selling gold laced Wyandottes - don't know if that's too far to trek though. Love the Wyandottes - Buffy is really our best hen for eggs and the Cochin is so fat but after watching Iron Chef last week I'm not sure if they are great to eat after all.

Chooks'r'us said...

agh! Ignore that comment - of course you are up here - doh!!! And you are a BYPer already. Sorry. Apparently there is a pin board up at the Katoomba Produce store but we've been going to Sun Valley so I didn't know that. I have the number if you want to email me.

Nicole said...

hey jacqui
i purchased my last lot of hens from sun valley, there dont seem to be too many options up here. i visit BYP a few times a week, i did have some one send me a PM about helping me out with some contacts but that was a few weeks ago & havent heard anything more.also no luck with the farmstock classifieds, but fingers Xed :o)

Anonymous said...

Love your blanket, I can knit but not crochet. I am very envious as I would love to make a blanket like that!
I have had trouble sourcing heritage breed chooks, too. I did find several breeders at our local show.
Oh your chook house sounds great! A new one is in the pipe line for our girls eventually lol.