Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Roof & todays stuff

today the builder came & put up the new roof on our back veranda, as some of you may remember the old one blew off. well the new one goes all the way to the end of the house so no more getting wet. i can sit out there rain or shine & my no more running out there every time it rains to cover up my Ringnecks.

spent the morning knitting, my new friend Jacqui has asked for 5 knitted dish cloths so i best get cracking.

i also started a new crochet rug in Baby Blue & White { i needed a new project for on the train}

made vanilla ice cream from scratch, i got the recipe & inspiration from Julie at her Simple Cooking Blog, thanks Julie :o)

also made a start on a couple of new pincushions, photos later

tomorrow our first delivery arrives from Landtasia Organic Beef {link on the side bar}
1 side of Beef cut to our specifications, vacuum packed in meal size portions.

we haven't mowed the back lawn for quite a few months so all the grass is in seed & as i type this there are at least 30 rosellas & twice that of Red Browed Finches & House Sparrows all feasting on the seeds, its quite noisy with them all chatting away but its a nice site to see.


earthmotherwithin said...

Good for you Nicole. I hope the weather warms up enough for you to enjoy your new patio roof and do some crafting out there.

Chris and Dave said...

What wonders a roof makes hey! It looks great and very practical too. Well done!

I love your pin cushions as well. You're very creative.