Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hen House

may i present my new hen House

now all i need are the chickens


Chooks'r'us said...

NIcole it looks great! What a luxury apartment...boy does ours look rustic!! I'm sure you chooks will LOVE it - I like the window so you can see in and they can see out...lovely!

My favourite chook has to Buffy, our standard buff Wyandotte. She is the most regular egg layer (and they are big eggs), has a placid nature, isn't prone to broodiness, and it is a breed that is cold hardy - I highly recommend them if you can find some.

Have been in Sydney all weekend so will reply to your email tonight when I get home.

Chris and Dave said...

Hi Nicole, I finally made it through! Last time I tried looking at your blog, it came up blank.

Glad to see your chook house up. Love the bright colours too! Lots of hard work in that job.

Now the fun begins - which chooks!!

Looking forward to photos of any new arrivals.

Anonymous said...

I forget to check your blog for a week and look at what I missed.
Oh my gosh, how wonderful is your chook house! I love the colour & the little heart shape on the door.
Do you know what type of chooks you will be getting? Can't wait to see the photos ~Emily

Bellgirl said...

wow, lucky hens! Hey, if I provided you with eggs, could I live here?