Friday, September 05, 2014

Old Table Cloths

In line with my Sewing know How , this is post # 2. Today its all about straight lines and re-purposing / recycling.

My cupboard was overflowing with table linen, there were a few that either did not fit our table or were damaged. The solution was to turn them into something new.

In the above washing basket are the ones that are to be made new again.
There was one vintage cloth [below] that had a few holes that were too large to repair so i ripped it up and made 4 food covers, i will use them for cooling bread or pies. I don't recommend ripping up vintage table linen as its hard to come by these days. This one was one of my favourite cloths, but at the same time i still wanted to use it so came up with this idea.

From 6 other cloths that ranged from holes to spilled varnish and mould. Plus two of those were round cloths, we haven't had a round table since the early 90's.
These all were ripped into tea towel size and hemmed up. The damaged bits were discarded. 

The leftovers from those 6 cloths either became cleaning cloths or food bowl covers, [that's a whole other post].

I also had 3 very wide and super long trestle table cloths, these are a perfect length for our  Dinning Table when its extended, however they were too wide. I ripped them down to a better width and those pieces became table runners.

From 10 cloths this is what i ended up with and a nice tidy linen shelf.

26 Tea Towels
4 Food Covers
3 Table Runners
3 Extra long Table Cloths
15 Bowl covers
20 or so Dust Rags

In this cupboard you will find cloths to fit my extended table and cloths to fit when not extended. Rectangles, squares, runners and serviettes. 
If it's just us or when friends and family come over i now have all the combinations to make a fine starting point when setting our table.


Meggie said...

I'm impressed !!

Nanna Chel said...

Nicole, you have had a very productive time. No sense in throwing out old tablecloths when they can be used for so many other purposes.

Terry said...

Wow, you have been very busy. I haven't ouched my sewing in a long time. Hope to work on some quilting this winter.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea Nicole, and a nice tidy cupboard too!

Leigh said...

That's a brilliant reuse of old table cloths. They are always a nice fabric and so good for those purposes!

Nicole said...

thanks for stopping by everyone :o)