Monday, September 29, 2014

Fairy House

This is for my beautiful niece who turned a BIG 5 today. 

Happy Birthday Belladonna.

These are so easy to make and only take a couple of sittings to do the stitching. To start off you draw up your picture on the centre piece the add all the fabric strips, i don't really measure anything so they are a little off but thats half the charm. Then add some thin batting to the back and do all your stitching. Now you just have to add the backing fabric and the binding.
If this seems too big a project then start off with something small like a coaster or two, as you can see below it doesn't have to be complicated.

Here is Talons Placemat i made him this year and the Placemats i made a few years ago.

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Nanna Chel said...

It looks easy enough but I am a tad straight line challenged these days for some reason. You have done a great job though. Very pretty.