Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Happenings in the Greenhouse

At the end of summer i took cuttings from some of my fruit trees to see if i could get them to root over winter in the greenhouse. I removed the bottom leaves, soaked the stems in water for a few mins and then dipped each one in rooting hormone and popped them into the grow pots.

Some of them seem to be a success.

I have new buds on the blood plums, sugar plums and figs and also on the yellow and white peaches. Some with tiny leaves and flowers.

Below are Hydrangea cuttings, these are one of the easiest things to grow from a cutting.

These spiky heads are the pineapple tops from last summers pineapples, they are doing really well. I hope to get at least one from these 6 heads.

These 4 are loquat that i grew as seeds from last years fruit, i am really pleased with how they are growing.

The cuttings i took were, plums, peach, apple, orange, fig, kumquat, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, hydrangea and port wine magnolia. I will do another up date in a few weeks.

We live about halfway up in the Blue Mountains and i was asked what fruit trees we grow so Anne this is for you.

Loquat, Chestnut, Blood Plum, Sugar Plum, Green Gage Plum, Cherry, Green Apple, Red Apple, Orange, Kumquat, Apricot, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Yellow Peach, White Peach, Lemon, Fig, Pear, Mulberry. 41 trees all up.
We also grow Raspberries, Blueberries and Strawberries. We have a Red Current but never get any fruit as the birds take them all.

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Nanna Chel said...

Very impressive greenhouse, Nicole. You seem to have had a lot of success with your cuttings. The birds and flying foxes take off with our berries so hopefully this year we will be able to save some for ourselves.

daisy g said...

Fabulous progress! Is there any reason you think the 6 pineapples won't grow? We have great success with them here in Central FL. Thanks for sharing your outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

Meggie said...

Very interesting post...I didn't realize you could grow a new fruit tree this way. Will it bare fruit true to the mother tree? I have tried fig cuttings before with some success.

Nicole and Andrew said...

Nanna Chel, i think everyone has fruit thieves

Daisy, i am hoping to get 6 pineapples but ill be grateful just to get one.

Meggie, if grown by a cutting you will get true to type, by the seed its a lucky dip.

Debra said...

I love this post and some day I will get to have a green house of my own. I wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this post on my blog at Tuesdays with a Twist, stop by and take a peek. :-) Have a great day.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Another great post! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Nicole and Andrew said...

Thank you for the feature on Tuesdays with a Twist Debra :o)

thanks for stopping by Marci :o)

Anne said...

Thanks for the list :)
How does the fruit tree cutting survive on their own roots
are they strong enough?
My citrus trees aren't doing too well up here they have hardly grown in two years.