Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jean Repairs

In line with my Sewing Know How this is post # 4.
Today i am going to show you how to repair the butt in a pair of jeans. Now kids wear out the knees in jeans but men wear out the butt and crutch, i guess its all that scratching.

These jeans were just at the stage where they were not quite holes and this is the time to catch them as it makes it easy to repair.
I don't throw jeans away as they have so many other uses and one of them is repairing holes to give your jeans a longer life span.
The thread colour you use will be determined by the colour of your jeans and ill tell ya sometimes its hard to match. As these were pretty faded i went with a grey thread.
You will also need a denim needle or as large a needle as you have on hand.

Cut up your patches from another pair of jeans, make sure the pieces are not from a well worn part of the jean. Make the patch larger by 1/2 again so the worn part is well covered. Pin in place. 

Using a small straight stitch, go around the patch close to the edge, if you need to go over a thick seem then go slow or hand wind the needle through as this is a place that will break your needle if your not careful. Remove the pins and check the outside to make sure you have covered the whole area with the patch.

Now turn your jeans right side out and you are going to use a small zigzag and go over all of the worn spots.

In the picture below i did one side with blue on the bobbin so you could see it.
I only sewed on the warn parts not all over the patch.

Turned right side out and you can barely see the repair and because of where it is you can't see it at all when worn.

Denim is one of the hardest fabrics to sew as its so thick and you can break a few needles but the results are well worth it especially if you can get another 6 to 12 months wear from your jeans.


Nanna Chel said...

Great tutorial! Yes, there are so many uses for old jeans but the denim is a tad thick for sewing unfortunately.

Anne said...

Hi Nicole
I'm down the south coast I have no Internet access at the place I'm staying I'm using my iPhone to blog
My email address is tanda.weston@bigpond.com
I can't access my email untill I get back which is Thursday depend on weather down here! Thanks :)

JES said...

I have a pile of 5 jeans to mend! Thank you for this post and tips to get myself going! Please join us again this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)