Sunday, July 06, 2008

up early to see A & J off on their ride {Woodford to Glenbrook mountain bike track} so i cooked early this morning, i was out of the kitchen by 9.30. only made ANZAC's & an Orange & Weetbix cake.still have Choc Chip cookies in the freezer that i will get out later. made the pastry for the Turkish Gozleme {spinach & feta filling}.

Orange & Weetbix Cake, nice with or with out butter, warm or cold.

did some weeding , transplanted some Snap Dragons, spread some mulch & pulled out some flowers that were finished.

my Peas & Silverbeet are coming along, cant wait until the harvest :o)

came back in about 11.30 & not long after that the boys got back from their ride. cooked the Turkish Gozleme on the BBQ for lunch.

spent an hour or so on my knees crawling around pinning the quilt top ready to sew, not sure what I'm going to do on it yet but the hard part is done {boy do i need some knee pads}.

on Wednesday i made a casserole & this Delicious Zucchini Bread, one of the best breads i have ever tasted.

tea tonight is Pork steaks, Fettachini & Broccoli. Passion Fruit Pudding for dessert

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