Thursday, July 03, 2008



Gumboots, wellingtons, rainboots they are all the same thing & i need a new pair or 2.
if we lived in England or the US there is such a huge variety of colour & styles to choose from but we live in Australia & all we get are black & maybe dark green. there is one designer store that make them but $90 to &120 a pair is just outrageous & the colours/patterns were hideous.
in the US you can get a pair for about $20 {if only}
here are some pics for me to drool over & live in hope of finding something just as cute.

these have to be my favs, how cute are those cherries & the tie. these i found on an English site.


Tracie said...

The garden centre at Bonnyrigg had funky boots just like this when I was there a few months ago. They were $49.95. Hubby wouldn't buy me some I had to settle for the black ones.

Hope you have luck finding some.

Tracie xx

Michelle said...

I bought some bright yellow ones at the Rivers outlet for $30 and I have seen them in patterns and prints at KMart for $30 as well.
You can buy coloured ones at Clarke Rubber too!!

Jane said...

Nicole i have seen nice ones at Rivers too .. :o)