Friday, July 04, 2008

New Truck

so last week we got our new recycle bins {just a small otto bin}, our collection day changed from Wednesday to Friday, so today was our first day. not only did we have a new bin we also had a new truck {a lot bigger truck} & a new driver. all trucks that want to come up our lane have to reverse up, that went to plan, but what the driver didn't know is you have to turn left up Glossop RD & turn around further up to get out of L..... As the guy was new he didn't know that & tried to turn right & he found out very quickly that you just cant make a right turn out of our lane in a truck. for 2 hours no one could get in or out of L..... unless you wanted to squeeze past on foot. for over an hour they tried to get the truck moved, until the hero in the orange overalls arrived from Blacktown. the problem was the front of the truck was hard up against the guard rail & the white car bar at the back was jammed on the sloping road. to move it the air bags were inflated & lots of timber placed under the back tires & eventually they were able to reverse it up so it could be turned. it was quite funny, but i feel sorry for the driver cause i don't think he will ever live it down.

as some may know our gas fire broke down on Wednesday morning & today was the day that the technician could get here & i was worried that he might have turned up & couldn't get in so left, but luckily five mins after the truck was moved he showed up. it took him all of 5 mins to fix it, now we have a nice warm house again.

last week we also had the roof on the back veranda break in the high winds, some of the timber was rotted & snapped. a builder came & had a look & said he would be back this week to fix it but haven't heard from him since. in the mean time one of the alsanite sheets was flapping around for a couple of days, kept us awake for 2 of nights until it finally blew off on Wednesday.
it was so windy i couldn't get up there to get it off, so we just had to leave it.

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