Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting things done

Monday last week was beautiful & sunny but very cold. i sat out on the back veranda all rugged up & started doing the tie ins on my 70s blanket squares. i call it my 70s blanket because of the colours i have used, orange, green, brown & black.

A's B'Day on Wednesday, went into town & picked up the Wii we had on order for ever, didn't even get it from where we ordered it from.

my life is going towards a greener life but A's isn't so much, he still likes all the gadgets & games, i think he just humours me most of the time but i live in hope that he will come around.

on Saturday we went into town & came home with a Mulcher, something i have wanted for a little while. its a Talon electric mulcher. had a test run on Sunday, works great. I'm a little scared of it but I'm sure after i have used it for a while i will get use to it.

i cut me out, flannelet shirt, trackies & gum boots {still only the black gum boots}

yesterday was beautiful, sunny, blue sky & warm just like a summers day. sat out on the back veranda sewing in some more ends on the 70s blanket & watching all the birds that visit us. it still surprises me how many different birds we get here. there is one particular bird that always comes for a visit when I'm gardening & isn't scared of me at all. we also have a small pair that have made a hole in the side of our dirt retaining wall, they flit in & out all day long.

for dessert yesterday i made an Almond & Apple slice, very yummy warm with a little cream

on ALS, July's challenge is to get things finished so thought id make a list & see how go

70s Blanket
Patchwork Quilt
Floor Rug
Advance Australia Cross-Stitch
Card Bases Cut
J's Formal Minni Book {Finished}

the first 3 wont get finished in July but i want to continue working on them

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