Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bedside Table

This two draw bedside table i purchased at a furniture store that was closing down it was $65 but i got it for $40. I picked it up after work & carried it all the way up Katoomba Street, on the train & home. It may be small but boy did it get heavy real quick.

Here it is in the shed ready for some paint & as its raw pine i did not have to do anything to it first. don't know why the picture kept loading sideways.

The paint was left over from my sons room it a Dulux colour called Zunni. a real nice dark aqua colour.
Left it to dry for a few days & then dry brushed flat white over the top.

Then just a light hand sand & a coat of varnish.

The knobs i got at the Antique store in Blackheath Victory Theatre Antique Centre. You cant see it but they have a star burst pattern on them. I also add wheels to the legs.

Here it is in my newly renovated bedroom [more on that another day]. The chair i purchased from one of those linen/home-wares stores it was quite expensive at $69, but after 3 weeks of thinking about it, i just had to have it for my new room so i saved up for it. It came as a set but luckily you could purchase it separate. 

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Meggie said...

I like the rollers...gives it a vintage look.

Chris said...

Looks really smick. I'm sure a lot of effort went into refurbishing it too. It's rarely as easy as it looks in photos, lol, or at least that is what I have found.

Well done. :)