Thursday, March 06, 2014

New Work Room

My craft  room use to be in the other large bed room but i decided to give up my awesome room to my son. Room # 1 Room # 2 Room # 3 will show you what it was like.

The room i moved into is bedroom 3 and was also my eldest sons room, when we moved in it was this hideous canary yellow colour.

 Then my son painted it this dark Aqua i really like the colour but i wanted something new so

I went with this grey called Sea Urchin & painted the trim & floor with Antique White Usa

I love how it turned out. The white floor makes the room look a lot lighter & bigger, well that was until i filled with all my stuff.

My last room was twice this size so i had to work hard to fit every thing in. It mostly went well, however i could not fit in my corner computer desk so my computer is now on one of my work tables.

As you can see above, my desk is so close to my kitchen dresser that i can only open one of the bottom doors.

The other thing i could not fit, is my big book case & it remains in the other room & is still filled with all my books. I do like that my sewing table is in the middle of the floor it makes it a more usable surface.

The wardrobe was mostly empty so i was able to fit quite a lot of things in there.
My son had one of his mates over & they moved every thing in 2 hours including all his furniture as well. As the room is a lot smaller it is easier to keep tidy, well i have only been in here for two weeks so i guess we will see. we only have one more bedroom to paint & then its onto the bathroom when we have some money that is.


Meggie said...

I always enjoy seeing the transformation of a room, especially a sewing room. I like the idea of the sewing table located in the middle of the room. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

Anne said...

Your room looks amazing!
I love the white floor! I'm on a slab with a thin bit of carpet on top!
My craft space is in our new garage, it's great but it seem to be a bit damp with all this wet weather my books feel damp. So I'm going to have to re-think where I'm going to store my yarn, art and craft books.