Friday, February 14, 2014

Mobile Chook House

Every few weeks the girls get to go up to the veggie yard for a couple of days running to scratch around the old beds or unused areas. the first time i herded them up there it was like a comedy show & i ended up chasing them all over the place for about half an hour until i finally got them all in the yard. after 3 trips they knew exactly where they were headed, now i only have to leave the gate open & off they run. Miss Black is always the first & the most bossy. Miss Grey is always last for everything, the last to get off the perch & out of the shed in the morning & the last when i call.

after the first couple of times hunting for eggs i decided to build them a mobile nest house to lay their eggs

everything to build this came from the shed or under the house

i put in a moveable perch so if need be it could double as temporary housing

after two build days this is how it turned out. i was going to put mower wheels on it but i probably wont bother until winter when i have a bit more time.

Miss Black liked it so much she laid me an egg within 20 mins. i told ya, the first to do everything.


Chris said...

Carpentry skills are handy to have, aren't they? It's a lovely nest box, and built with recycled materials too. I love those kind of builds the best!

By the way, are they Wyndottes, Australorps and Rhode Island Reds? Lovely little troupe, whatever they are.

Nicole said...

yep to all 3 :o)

Meggie said...

At the moment, I don't have any chickens (soon to change). When I still had the farm, I had two different enclosed areas for two different batches of chickens, one for the older chickens. At the end of the day, I would round them up for the night. Each chicken knew exactly which house they belonged to....The point is, chickens are hilarious to watch !!

tricia said...

Wow! That is gorgeous and super paractical. You are very clever :-)

tricia said...

Wow! That is gorgeous and super paractical. You are very clever :-)