Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Orange Cleaner

Orange Cleaner and Frozen Juice Bricks

we have 3 orange trees, two are young and have not produced fruit yet and the other is about 3 meters tall.
below is the last of the harvest about 6 or 7 kilos, they aren't large but they are very juicy and sweet. The tree is full with tiny green oranges just waiting to grow.

Orange Cleaner

first off get yourself a big jar or bottle, this one holds about 2 1/2 litres, i picked it up from the Salvos store for $2. wash your oranges to remove any dirt [if you are using purchased oranges scrub them to remove any wax].

 peel enough oranges to fill your jar with peels.

fill your jar with Vinegar so all is covered

place your jar out of direct light & mix or shake once a day for about 6 to 8 weeks. strain out all the peels.
you can use it earlier but the longer the better.

in a spray bottle mix 50/50 with water.
great for removing sticky labels, band-aid sticky, cleaning stove tops & range hoods & tiles

now we are left with naked oranges that you can juice.
if you still have a few with skin on you can zest them & store the zest in the freezer until needed.
some of the juice we drink but the rest is frozen into 1/2 cup bricks & stored in the freezer.
you can use them for cakes, biscuits or my favourite fruit smoothies.
just drop a brick or 2 into your blender & add 1 banana, handful of strawberries,1 Tbl honey & 1 cup yoghurt.
the combinations for smoothies are only limited to your imagination.

Orange you glad you popped by :o)


greenfumb said...

That's a great tip. Your oranges must be a different kind to mine, ours are about 3 months off being ready. I will definitely give the peel in vinegar a try.

Meggie said...

I don't have an orange tree. In fact, I think it gets too cold here for them. It must be nice to have your very own frozen orange juice....

Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful to have your own oranges! Our climate is not suited to citrus. I like that orange / vinegar cleaner too (and also make it with lemons) ~ but of course my peels are from store-bought fruit. :o)

I enjoyed visiting your blog.

tricia said...

I discovered a new use today for the citrus cleaning spray - as a fly deterrent. The flies were driving me crazy - so I tried spraying the spray on furniture where I'm sitting and it keeps them away.