Sunday, March 25, 2012


Spring Onions, Green Onions or Shallots
what ever you call them they are delicious & super easy to grow

i purchased these organic onions in a bunch, cut off the green tops to use & then planted the white part with the roots into the garden. pictured above is three weeks ago after i cut the tops off them, if you click on the picture you can see where i cut them. they have been in the garden for about 12 months. i just cut some when i need them & they regrow.

before the last cutting they had been left to grow & had become leggy, thick & dark green.
i washed & sliced them & filled up 2 drying trays.

i have an ezi dry dehydrator that i got for christmas a couple of years ago & i love it.
i never time how long it takes to dry stuff i just keep checking it till its done.

out of those two trays i got a large vegemite jar full [pretty well packed in].
you can use them in soups, casseroles, stews anything you need onions for really.
i have since used some in a dry mushroom soup base, that i will post about next time.


Meggie said...

I never thought about drying them. I don't have a dehydrater. Could I do the same thing in the microwave or a slow oven?

Nicole said...

i dont know about the microwave, but you can use your oven. let me know if you give it a go :o)

Allana said...

Great idea, thanks :)