Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Liquid Gold

The Honey Files

Raw Honey is a super food that not only tastes great but is also good for your health.
there are two types of honey, regular honey that has been heat treated that you get from the supermarket & raw honey that has not been heated. when honey is heated most of its beneficial properties are broken down & lost.

Honey never goes bad it will last forever.
store honey in a cool dark cupboard [not in the cupboard next to the stove or oven]

Raw Honey Facts:
Energy Booster
Improves Immune System
Easily Digested
Vitamins & Minerals
Healing Powers

Some Health Benefits :

Weight Loss:
 1/2tsp ground Cinnamon
1tsp raw honey
1 cup of boiling water
pour water over cinnamon & leave to cool add honey
drink half before going to bed, refrigerate & drink the rest 1/2 an hour before breakfast
do not reheat.

cinnamon sprinkled over 2 tsp of honey before eating 

Bad Breath:
morning gargle with 1tsp honey with a sprinkle of cinnamon mixed in warm water

apply to burns, it cools & removes pain & bacteria can not live in honey

replace all sugar with honey

Food Preservative: 
replace sugar with honey in cakes & biscuits they will stay fresher longer
reduce liquids in mix by 1/5 to accommodate the honey [3/4cup of honey to every cup of sugar] & lower the temp when baking

1 dessert spoon of honey dissolved in half a glass of warm water at start of migraine & again in 20 mins if necessary.

there is some research that suggests that honey can be used for the following;
Colds, Arthritis, Stomach Cancer, Bone Cancer & Cholesterol just to name a few.
more research into the properties of honey could help a lot of people in the future. 

this is my bee box, my boys found it at the spring clean up a few years ago. it sits next to one of our blood plum trees. i love it because its a bee home & because its green. there are no bees in it as its way to close to the house. maybe one day we will keep bees.


greenfumb said...

I got stung in the mouth eating a honey sandwich in my first week of school so I am not a great fan of honey but you have inspired me to give it another go, especially in baking.

You should definitely get some bees - can you move them a bit further away?

Nicole said...

i guess he thought you were stealing his hard earned gold.
glad i have inspired you :o)
we do have a big piece of land but we are surrounded by houses & lots of people hate bees.

Meggie said...

So glad to see a post from you. I've had bees set up house in the strangest places. I have county water, in addition to my well. They once were inside the water meter that is in the ground covered with a metal top. When I opened it up, there was enough honey combs to fill a small bucket. My handyman removed it for me. Thanks for all the ideas for using honey. We have a local man that has hives and sells his honey at a resonable price.

greenfumb said...

I suppose it's too cold up there for native stingless bees? Our council will give them to us for nothing but I've never bothered because of the lack of fondness for honey.

I should though because they are good for pollination.

Nicole said...

we have native bees up here but you cant take the honey from them as they need it during the winter, they make a lot less honey than the bigger bees but they are great for the garden you should get some esp as they are free.