Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shopping bag

anyone who lives in the mountains will tell you we have had a very wet summer, more cloud & rain than sunshine. it has been disastrous for our veggie garden with little or no sun. my tomatoes haven't even flowered yet, broccoli went to seed with no heads forming & everything else is stunted & small.
on the up side i do love rainy weather so i decided to make an all weather bag. about 7 years ago i purchased an end of roll piece of oil cloth & it has been moved from one surface to another just waiting to become a beautiful red spotty bag. so late yesterday afternoon i sat down to make one. well instead of it taking about an hour to make it turned in a few hours when i say a few i mean 4 1/2 hours.

i have to say this is the worst material i have ever worked with, the wrong side slides around every where & the outside sticks. i tried the painters tape on the bottom of my foot but that just rolled off in the first few stitches. but i was not going to give up, i have been wanting this bag for a long time so i persevered  & now i have a lovely red spotty bag that can get wet when it rains. 

i lined it with a plain red fabric & if you look closely you can see how bad my stitching is. i wont be in a hurry to use the rest of the oil cloth. i was thinking about recovering my computer chair with it but i think ill have to think about it for quite a while before attempting another sewing expedition with that fabric.
i pretty much used this shopping bag tutorial, i just made it a bit smaller.

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Meggie said...

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for the link for left-handed crocheting.
I've never worked with oli cloth. But last week I did a post on a market bag and I made a suggestion of using a thrifted vinyl tablecloth for a rainy day bag. It's not the same thing as oil cloth, it has a fabric backing on it. I wonder if it might be easier to sew. I'll let you when I have time to make mine. Love the color of your bag.

greenfumb said...

You poor thing, I probably would have just taken the scissors to it myself. It looks great though and in my favourite colour too :)

Heidi said...

Hi Nicole,
I just found your wonderful blog and I love it. Looking forward to seeing more. I am your newest follower now. Greetings from the US...Heidi

Nicole said...

hi Heidi,
thanks for stopping by, ill pop over & have a look at your blog when i have a bit more time :o)