Monday, February 06, 2012


January went in the blink of an eye & February is starting its second week.
they say the older you get the quicker the year flies by & its true. when your a kid every day is an exciting adventure, always something new to learn, friends to play with & its all about you. when you have your kids its still an exciting adventure, they bring back all of your childhood memories. you get to play every day & watch your child learn, grow & have fun. now im at the stage where my boys are now men & they come & go as they please with no time for mum. now my kid adventure is over i feel like im bogged down in the everyday, busy but not doing much at all & those are the days that fly by & you don't even notice. 

January had one memorable day for me & that was my birthday. they say 40 is the new 30, i don't even know what that means. people ask how do you feel being 40, the same as i did yesterday & they day before. i always thought 40 was the cut off date, as soon as you reach it your old. do i still believe this yes & no. i see the laugh lines & the white hair sneaking its way in, the veins in my legs & the tuck-shop arms, all those things mean im getting older. but the thing is i don't feel old but at the same time my youth whizzed by so quickly i don't know how i got here to this 40, half a life time. now i guess its time for a new exciting adventure to begin, i wonder what it will be......

i got 2 lots of flowers this year, the purple ones the boys got me & A had this flower hamper sent. who doesn't love flowers & sweets.  my best birthdays were when the boys were young, home made gifts & cards breakfast in bed who could wish for more.
this year i didn't want any gifts all i wanted was a game day. no tv & no computers.

these are some of the games we played, it was loud & fun. one of the best birthdays i have had in a long time.


greenfumb said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!!

I know what you mean about feeling the same. I was 50 in the middle of January but apart from being horrified that I am now eligible for APIA insurance I don't feel any different.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday :)

Im not far behind you.
Im 37 this year....:)

Meggie said...

I keep telling my daughter the best years are ahead of you. I'm living proof that the 50's are great and so are the 60's. For me, life was just beginning in my 40's.
Congratulations on celebrating your 40th! The best is yet to come...

Nicole said...

thanks for my B'day wishes :o)

Chris said...

Our family is partial to Mouse Trap as a family board game. My husband tries to get me to play Monopoly, but I've always hated the game. For some reason when I was younger, I hated going to the "poor house" because my older relatives were making me pay rent, and sending me bankrupt.

I hate doing the same to our daughter, so I don't like to play it. And don't mention Scrabble. So many arguments about how to spell words correctly, LOL. Yes, give us "Mouse Trap" any day. :)

I'm glad you had fun playing board games with your family on your birthday. The best presents are always gifts of time. Happy Birthday.