Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Garden Notes

Start to finish pictorial of our veggie garden
6.6 x 10.8 metres = [ 71.28 sqm ]

the 2 corner posts

chicken wire

the gate

concreting the wire

the gate post

sandstone entry

beds & mulch

netting on the top

finally finished

steel posts = 0
star pickets = 0
chicken wire = 0
gate = 0
timber gate post = 0
fencing wire = $40
fencing clips = $6.95
bird netting = $75.88
concrete = $50
wire tension =  $23.60

total = $ 196.43


greenfumb said...

That is going to be absolutely amazing Nicole!! The netting even looks as if it might keep out the dreaded white butterflies?

You should be self-sufficient in no time :)

Meggie said...

I found your blog through Homespun Living. I'm also living the country life....with it's ups and downs.

Nicole said...

yep it keeps the butterflies at bay

Meggie, thanks for dropping by

Tricia said...

Its a lovely looking garden Nicole. And I love that you used materials you already had. Happy gardening :-)