Monday, January 02, 2012

Garden Notes

2011 is gone & 2012 is upon us who new the year would go so darn fast.
on the last day of 2011 we spent it down the back in the veggie garden.

all spring/ summer we have been plagued with butterflies & some may say how lovely, but it has not been lovely. when ever anything new has emerged from the ground they have been eaten to within an inch of their lives. we made a hoop net over 3 of the garden beds as a quick solution & it worked great but it didnt solve the problem for the rest of the garden. money has been really tight with me still out of work & A is on holidays for two more weeks, so we have been working on how to solve the problem without spending a lot of money. a while ago we purchased 2 bird net rolls for $16 each, we have managed to cover most of the roof area, we were a metre shot on one length. in just two days it has made quite a difference with lots of butterflies flying about above the netting.

for christmas A & i received a few hardware gift cards so today we will be off down the mountain to purchase two more bird nets to hopefully finish off this afternoon.

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Meggie said...

Hi Nicole...
Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog....please join if you like what you see. I will be working on my spring garden this week end. My biggest problem, with gardening where I live, is the wind. I will be trying some new ideas this year. And by the way, I have a problem with birds pecking at everything. I also plan on having a "seed give away" later this month to encourage followers.
And yes,in answer to your other comment, that is my family tartan. I ordered the material from I have to make my skirt before the first Scottish Festival of 2012.