Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wine Barrel Lights

we are having an 18th Birthday Party here on saturday for son #2, i have been busy cooking all week & took a break yesterday to make some lights. i have seen similar ones made from ladders, wagon wheels & even bicycle rims. i have used 3 steel bands from an old 1/2 wine barrel that rotted away.

here is a quick tutorial of how i made them

steel bands & also not pictured 2 lengths of rusty chain

wire, pliers, fencing clips

make a loop & twist then wrap around your chosen object, take the wire across to the other side, wrap & make another loop, wrap again & cut the wire.
now do the same again so you now have a cross. those loops will be attached to the chain to hang your lights.

now turn the whole thing upside down so the loops are facing the ground. do two more the same as the first two so it looks like the spokes of a wheel. i used a fencing clip to bring all the wires to the centre [above picture]

you can add extra loops in the gap of each spoke so you can add more lights.

i used fencing clips to attach the chain to the top loops.

large coffee jars, jam & honey jars. there is a tutorial for wiring those here i used around about the same method. tea lights in the bottom & a long handled lighter.
i made two, the other one will have to wait till i get a few more jars if i want to have three hanging chandelier lights.

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Allana said...

great idea! very rustic and awesome :)