Friday, December 02, 2011

Raspberry Bramble

we have a Raspberry Bramble down the side of our house, its shady & wet most of the time. this is our third summer here & its the first time i have gotten any raspberries, as usually the birds have stripped the bramble clean.

these pictured above will be ripe in two days.

Miss Sally Girl loves fruit she can just snack on any time she likes, here she is picking raspberries. when i go out to pick them she has to stay inside or i would get very few in my bucket :o)

the bramble is not huge, probably 2 1/2 metres wide & 3 metres long about that any way. the area was bigger but i cut them back last autumn. they are super easy to grow & need pretty much no maintenance if you dont want them to take over keep them cut back & remove all the ones that pop up around them or you can also keep them in pots.

they are not very spiky like the blackberries so are much easier to pick. the fruit hangs low under the leaf canopy away from the main spiky branches.

the bucket is a 1kg honey bucket & it is 3/4 full this is from a two day pick. pick one day then skip a day then pick the next. I have a short list of what I will do with them & ill post recipes when  I've decided.

to clean & store any berries i make up a mix of 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar to 10 parts water, swirl around & then drain [you can rinse but i dont bother].  the reason i wash my berries like this is because most berries go mouldy pretty quick & this gives them a lot longer mould free life.
store in the fridge or lay out on paper towel to dry then place on a try with none of them touching & freeze, when frozen store in tupperware or zip lock bags. If you have a dehydrater remove any stems before drying, for a quicker dry cut in half long ways.

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