Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year

Summer and the Days are Easy
well here we are again before i knew it another year has passed me by.
it seems everybody is busy with house renovations, crafts, family & just generally living life.
as for me, well i have been busy too, got my self a second job, so now i work monday to thursday & then fridays, saturdays & or sundays at night, usually only two out of the three nights, close to home and the extra money has come in handy. i have been offered a full time job but at the moment i can only handle the 3 nights a week and i dont want to give up my day job just yet.
 i am now on 3 weeks holiday, oh heaven, i have just been lazing around since the day after boxing day. my new Red Stripy hammock in the shade of my 2 plum trees is my new favorite place to hang out with or with out a book, snacks, long cool drinks and my Sally Girl for company :o)
the only thing im not liking is the hot weather


Xena said...

Happy New Year Nicole

Anonymous said...

Life is getting crazy isn't it. I think you deserve a break, you sound as though you are working alot!
Do you mind if I join you on the hammock in the sun? It sounds blissful!

Jacqui and Mick said...

happy new year Nicole! And enjoy your holiday - a well deserved break by the sound of it! I'm so jealous of your hammock!