Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Garden Notes

Garden Notes
20kg of Potatoes dug up 
these are just a few that were drying in the garage

Sweet Corn coming on a treat

we have had a lot of rain here in the last few weeks, its good & bad. good because rain is always welcome, bad because a lot of my fruit has rotted & gone moldy before it was even close to ripe.

2 weeks ago i planted out another 2 rows of potatoes & they are already up to knee hight, thank you rain :o)
we have a load of granny smiths on the tree this year [mmm apple pies]

the Rhubarb has gotten out of control 

a couple of months ago i bagged up the fig tree & now i have figs just about ready to pick plus a whole heap of babies just coming on

looking out my window i just counted 47 white cockatoos down the back, they are truly a pest of a bird, they eat all of our fruit & make a huge mess, not to mention the cones they drop out of the pine tree down the back [look out below]

our two giant blood plum trees did not get any fruit this year but a small one in my front garden was loaded, we managed to get a few before the baby magpies finished them all up. they were small & super sweet.

for those of you who know about our solar panels you might be interested to know that our first bill was $123.86 & our second bill was $3.25
that makes you want to worship the sun :o)


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic haul of spuds you have! Really theres is nothing better than fresh spuds with butter!
This growing season has been a hit and miss for us too, especially with the rain.
The crops have been bumper but also very quickly taken out by fungal diseases.
Enjoy those potatoes, they will be very handy with the price of 5kg currently $10.

Tat said...

Solar panels sound pretty amazing!