Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogtoberfest day # 12

Vet Visit

late sunday afternoon my Sally Girl just about ripped off one of her nails
first thing monday A & J took her down to the vet, where she stayed all day
they put her to sleep & removed the nail.
her foot managed to stay bandaged until this morning
hopefully we can keep it clean till it heals.
the bill was $208

Sally on monday night, she couldn't keep her eyes open


Anne said...


I hope she feeling better soon.

greenfumb said...

Oh poor thing (and poor you with the vet bill), hope she makes a quick recovery.

Xena said...

poor girl. hope she heals nice and quick.

Lauren said...

oh poor sally! vet bills are always A LOT!!! hope it heals well! all the best with the rest of blogtoberfest!