Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogtoberfest day # 10

Collecting or hoarding what ever you like to call it, we all do it to some extent
Jacqui over at Life in the Dome was just talking about her collections

on thursday i decided i would start to spring clean one room a week, so i started with my bedroom
& what you may ask this has to do with hoarding well the amount of stuff i had been hanging on to is just crazy
so started the piles, 1 to the recycle, 2 to the bin, 3 to Vinnies & 4 to give to family/friends 
after my room was mostly finished  [still have to wash the curtains & clean the windows]
i continued on through the house with the vacuum.
the last room in the house to vacuum is my craft room, this room i have been trying to sort out ever since we moved in, its just crazy the amount of stuff in it, boxes that i haven't even opened as well as lots of stuff that gets dumped in here out of the way.
this room is all about small steps. a couple of weeks ago i cleaned out all of my craft/country magazines got rid of a few on freecycle but most were still sitting there, some due to non pick up. they have been added to the vinnies pile. 
my white kitchen dresser [some may have seen in earlier posts] does house my fabric in the top glass door section but down the bottom it was jamed full to over flowing with jugs, bowls & lots of other collections from my kitchen. 
the time had come to bite the bullet & pass these items on the others, you can only have so many things before it just becomes stuff to fill up cupboards. 

these are just a few of the boxes that will be finding their way down to vinnies

this room still has a long way to go
the problem is that i don't just do 5 or even 6 different crafts, the number is limit less because there is always something new to learn & have a go at & that's where most of the stuff comes from.


Xena said...

well done on the clean out

Anne said...

You shoud have a market stall at Lawson Magpie Markets!...
Im having a stall there with a freind this Sunday if the weather is ok.

Nicole said...

i wouldn't mind but as we dont drive its a bit hard to get all the stuff up there, good luck with your stall