Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year

well here we are again, another year has flown by
tomorrow its back to work for me Grrr..... i just dont want to work there {bad pay, bad conditions, Bad employers} really new a new job.

the last week & a half i have been pretty productive, it all started with trying to finish off some of the many projects i have on the go......... i did manage to get a whole stack of knitted squares sewn together into a blanket now i just need to give it a crocheted edge.

after that i ditched the half finished projects to start on some new stuff
first up were a couple of tops, the pattern i purchased in Feb last year
its a Simplicity #3835. these tops are so easy to make, however if you have a big bust you will need to adjust the pattern.

i like the colours in this fabric, its a really soft cotton so falls nice
this one is made from a sheet i purchased from Vinnies {cleaned them out of sheets to use as drop cloths over my furniture, when we were doing the kitchen. more projects to come using sheets.} it is very soft from years of washing.

the next 3 items i made come from a Simplicity pattern #4595
i have used the pattern before, when i made an orange short skirt to go over jeans {view E}
i used view D for all three but altered them slightly.

the first one i followed the pattern, the fabric is a cheese cloth, so really light & summery
i added a bright red lace to the bottom hem

the second & longer one using the same cloth also view D but i added 2 of the second section & added another 3 inches to is length so it would also gather & another 5 inches to the bottom frill. i did not hem the bottom as i used the selvage edge.

Skirt # 3 also view D, used cotton fabric & again added the lace to the bottom.

lov the skull & cherry fabric
all 3 skirts had a petticoat added, the black one didnt need it but i like to have one anyway
the pattern for the petticoat is from Kwik Sew View C . so easy to make only uses to pieces.
the petticoat is sewn into the skirt before the waist band is done.

back to that same sheet i used to make the top, i made 2 aprons. the one below is a double sided apron, on the other side i used a yellow sheet. the reason it is double sided is because the fabric is just a little to thin on is own to use as an apron. most spills & what not would soak through pretty quick, making a mess of what ever i am wearing. also made one out of black & white ticking for work.

been watching lots of TV shows & movies, staying up late. so while i was doing that i was also crocheting dishcloths. these are sooo much quicker than the knitted ones i make. i used a 20% cotton 80% bamboo mix. they are really soft, would make better face washers. i must say i prefer to use the 100% cotton as its easier to work with, the mixed ones dont stay twisted like the cotton.

the Phoebe Bag comes from artsy crafty babe blog
i purchased this green fabric form the furnishing section, its pretty thick, sort of like a canvas
i didnt add the flap & clasp. lined it with a cotton Cherry fabric & it has 4 pockets in total
it is very cute

Green really does make me happy so a green work bag might make going to hell [work] a little better. for both bags i used iron on interfacing.

the work bag has a hard plastic bottom inside a fabric slip so it can be removed to wash the bag, it also has 7 pockets. why 7 you might ask? well thats how many i needed.


Toria said...

Wow, you had a really productive time. I made one of my daughters a dress out of that black/cheery fabric. I'm back to work tomorrow as well & really not looking forward to it.

Jacqui said...

my goodness you've been busy! I'm sorry to read about the job...especially since they deliver our box :( We loved the first supplier we had but they sold to a bigger company who wouldn't recycle the boxes and wrapped everything in plastic and the variety just wasn't as good. I hate knowing you get crap pay and crap conditions - it make me really cross actually. Sustainability and organics shouldn't be at the expense of the staff. I hope you find something better for 2010.

greenfumb said...

Sorry to hear about your job, I had no idea that it was so horrible. Hope you can find something that suits you better soon.

I love that green bag, green is not my thing (as a colour) but that looks so fresh and cheerful.

KarenB said...

Loving that green fabric!! And thanks for the link to the Phoebe bag too, I'd love to try this one :)

Micki said...

I also love to crochet, so we have that in common.