Sunday, January 17, 2010

B'Day Treat

one more year means im now 38, what does that mean anyway. 38, its just a number. some people are obsessed with getting older, looking older, feeling older. as for me i have always been an old soul so it really is just a number.
for quite a long time now my B'day has just been another day, nothing special. get up, have a shower, feed the dog, do the washing, make food Blah Blah Blah.......

but yesterday on my 38 B'day it was different. cards & gifts from my boys as usual :o) i was told on friday night A & I would be leaving the house at 7.30 in the morning oh what a surprise, just the 2 of us :o) {wasnt real sure about that, i have never spent a B'day without my boys}.
i figured we were going into the city after we passed Parramatta station but still not a word from A, off at Central, walked for a while then into the supermarket for some snacks. A said we would be seeing a movie. we walked up the Greater Union Event Cinemas. A had already booked our tickets
we were seeing Avatar in 3D in Gold Class. how posh is that
recliner chairs, a table, waiter service, what more could you ask for.
the movie was great & 3D wow how cool was that.
we are not big cinema fans so when we do go it really is a treat.

have to say it was my best B'day in a very long time.


greenfumb said...

Happy Birthday, I remember now that yours was a few days after mine. I didn't do much, and I have 10 years on you but my kids cooked my favourite dinner and pudding, even though they don't like prawns so that was great.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday...:)

Jacqui said...

A very happy birthday to you too Nicole!

KarenB said...

Hey Nicole, what a blast to see your comment on my blog!! I'd recognise those socks anywhere, LOL!!

Hope you had a fabulous birthday :)

Chris said...

Wow, totally late on this one, but happy birthday!! :)

I'm nearly 2 years behind you, but what's in a number hey? Today is a good day, if you can be counted in it, LOL.

Well done for 38 splendid years. I bet you have the memories to laugh, cry and cringe at too. :)