Thursday, July 20, 2006

a while

been a while since ive been in. boys back to school this week so back into the exercise, cause ive not rode for 2 weeks i started out with just 15km should be up to 20 by next week.
off to the paperific show on saturday very exciting been waiting all year for this :o) cant wait. saved up all my pennys, hope to get some new stuff & get some ideas for class.
i won $50 worth of yummy Heidi Swap goodies at EMM, came in the post last week, one of the things is the newsprint alphabet mask, just itching to give them a go i can tell ya
the mystery items for embellished will go out in fridays post, cant wait to see what everyone comes up with.
im entering the friends comp & will submit to For keeps, have decided not to go for a page but to do something a little different. well its in my head so will just have to wait & see how it turns out, going to wait till i come back from the show before i start it so i can use some new goodies :o)
classes are going great, i have 3 new girls signed up & they will start next month.

we have our second annual bonfire night on the 29th, we sooooo wanted to get fireworks this year but it didnt work out, but next year it will be a sure thing. however all the kids {& big kids} will get to have sparklers, oh & cant forget the marshmallow toasting. i cant wait im soooo excited i lov hosting parties {i think its all the prep work, you know the planning the menu, writing the invites} tooo much FUN. all our family & friends will be there & the best part is... my bestest friend Jill from high school will be coming, i have not seen her in more than 16 years WOW when you say it out loud, that is a long time. it will be great to catch up & cant wait to meet her hubby & kids.

ok thats it for now :o) i really want to get some scrappin done

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Julie said...

YAYYYY ON THE PRIZE NIC!!! that is fantastic.
I love huge bonfires and the get togethers that go with them usually, you will have to post pix to share.