Tuesday, July 25, 2006

new look

this morning i decided to change my blog & go for a different colour
was sick of the pink & its amazing how many other people use the barbie pink.
so now its all about the Green. anyway i changed the colour but did not realize that by changing it i would loose all my links :o/ 2 hours later & a lot of surfing i managed to find most of them.
wont be changing again in a hurry i can tell ya
pick up my new dryer tomorrow WOOO HOOO soooo sick of drying washing in front of the fire
had a great time at the show on saturday, purchased 29 rubber stamps :o) a few ink cubes, game pieces, pockets,
library cards & these huge paper clips plus lots of other bits & pieces. i went with a list & did not get anything on it LOL its always the way.

1 comment:

scrapadel said...

Oh Nicole, I did that last week too. Changed it and lost all my links, got most of them up again and I accidently closed the window. PMSL.

But the green looks great.