Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This afternoon we signed on the dotted line and exchanged contracts.
The red brick house will soon belong to a lovely young family with 4 kiddies under 4.
I hope they will love their new home.
We didnt get quite as much as we wanted but i think it will all work out in the end.

In 5 weeks time, Tuesday the 24 March 2015 to be exact we will be foot loose and fancy free.
Until then im all about boxes, packing paper and tape.

For the last few weeks i have been selling off as much stuff as i can, when you move a short distance its not a big issue with how much stuff you have, however when your going a long way less it better especially for the pocket.
I have found a wonderful lady who is going to adopt my girls, i shall miss them but i know they will be looked after and spoiled until they die.

We have not found a property as yet so all our stuff will be put into storage. Then Andrew, Sally and I will head on down the coast and camp until we find what we are looking for.
As for our two boys they are now on a deadline to find somewhere to live.

Im all about the packing, down sizing and deciding what we will take and what will be stored. Andrew is all about finding removals, storage, making phone calls, getting the ute serviced, sanding and repainting our trailer and last but not least finding us a camp site where Sally girl will be welcome and that's no easy task especially as it has to be a free site.



greenfumb gardener said...

Congratulations Nicole!!

If you're passing through Berry stop in and say hello.

Look forward to seeing where you end up.


Nicole said...

hey Deb
its great to hear from you, i dont know if we will be going through Berry but if we do id love to drop in.

Chris said...

Oh my, quite a progressive blog post. Biting nails time. I really hope everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Are you going for vacant land to build on, or land with existing dwelling? Is there are bigger picture as to why you're moving where you want to, or just time for a change?

Just curious, lol.

Nanna Chel said...

Nicole, you should definitely move to Queensland. Just make sure you wait till cyclone season is over though :-) All the best with the move.

E3 said...

Good luck with your adventure! It is great to downsize and go green. We are trying to sell our house now but it has been very slow going. I can't wait to get through this time and sign those contracts ourselves.