Thursday, December 11, 2014

Banana Pudding

We had friends and family over last weekend and Banana Pudding was one of the desserts I made.
This is my go to easiest dessert recipe. 
Its a no rule recipe you can change it up to suit yourself or to what ever you have on hand.
We pretty much always have bananas in our house so that's why its called Banana Pudding and not Fruit Pudding.

Bananas are the first ingredient and the second would have to be some sort of cake or biscuit.
The cup cakes below were ones I made using those pretty patty pans for the first time, some over flow occurred as I filled them a little too full. These weren't used at the time as they are ugly and someone broke off bits to eat, i'm not naming names but it could have been me.
Any way all the experiments went into the freezer for just this recipe.

Ingredients :

Bananas - sliced
Cake - sliced
Cream - whipped
Chocolate - grated or shaved

To make this delicious dessert you layer cake, custard, chocolate and then bananas nearly all the way to the top of your bowl. Depending on the size of your bowl and how many people you have to feed that's how many layers you will use. For mine it was two of each. End with bananas and then I like to mix a little cream with the custard and spread that on top and finish with chocolate shavings. 

Cake, Custard, Banana

As this is a quick recipe you can use custard powder to make your custard the day before or you can use pre made custard or you could go all out and make Homemade Custard , for this one I used custard powder and made it the night before.

You are not limited to bananas, I have also made this with stewed apples, and cinnamon instead of chocolate. 
You can also use lady finger biscuits instead of cake or any other sweet biscuit.

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Chris said...

So the cake absorbs the custard? Reminds me of trifle, only without the jelly.

Nicole said...

yeah this is my version, i dont really like jelly

Barb said...

Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!

Nanna Chel said...

Just catching up on blogs after being away. I hope you had a happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year, Nicole.