Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Adventures part 1

Everyone's life is like a book to be read with different chapters and sub chapters documenting their life. We have lived in the Blue Mountains for 20 years and for the last 5 in our own home. When we purchased our home in 2009 we had no idea that after living in the mountains for 20 years we would be going after a new adventure. 

 This is the top orchid

 Back of the house

Earlier this year Andrew and I decided that we wanted something different a new chapter. That something different i guess we have been working towards for a long time but never really new it.
Now that our boys are grown we are free to go and do as we please, they are both welcome to come with us but they have chosen not too.
So our adventures in the Blue Mountains will soon be over, this is exciting and at the same time a little scary. (who am i kidding a lot scary). 
To start a new adventure there are a few things that needed to be ticked off the long list of to do's.

1. Finish off all the small jobs in the house - Check
2. Get the real estate out to give us a price - Check

As most of you know neither Andrew or I drive so  
3. on the list was Andrew got his licence - Check
4. Buy a ute - Check

Here she is, a Mazda BT50 dual cab diesel ute. Andrew like's to call her a truck and as yet has no name. I'm just glad I get to sit in the front :o)

5. Pick an area to move to, this was easy the Far South Coast - Check
The far south coast of NSW is a very big area so we had to narrow it down.
6. Road trip - Check
Last week we packed up our new truck and headed on down the coast. 
Our new truck and a trip, wow I feel like a grown up. For us who have only ever relied on public transport and my husbands father as modes of transport this is a very big thing. It still doesn't feel real.

 Our camp site at Pambula Beach
A two man tent, chairs and a camp stove, who could ask for more oh yes and the Beach.

 Pambula Beach
We have holidayed in Pambula before and it is beautiful, arrh feel the ocean breeze. It has been a few years since I have been to the beach, I had forgotten how much I miss it.


Cuttagee Lake

 Jersey Cows in the Bega Valley

Who doesn't love a river flat or curious cows. 


 Tathra Beach
Never ending beaches to get lost on.

 Tura Beach
The colours in the picture don't do it justice, it was dazzling and truly beautiful.

 Fishing Boats 

Don't you just love funny signs or for me all signs are great.

 We stayed two nights at Pambula Beach, the caravan park has a large family of kangaroos who live there, they come an go as they please and your not aloud to feed them. So no petting but they do like to have their photos taken, this is the large male in the family who decided that in front of our truck was the best shady spot.

 Dirt roads to properties and we have learned that if it the address says something Mountain Road then its gonna be a narrow winding steep dirt track.

 Lake George
I have never seen water in Lake George, its always just been grassy plains with fencing every time we have passed. How ever the wind turbines you can see in the distance are new to me and a very nice sight to see.

This little guy we came across when walking a property, every noise we made he burrowed in deeper, this is the first time i have seen an echidna in the wild, you defiantly can't count road kill.

 This huge gum tree was very beautiful, the bush has so much to offer.

You can't travel any where in Australia with out stopping at a country pub for a cold drink on the veranda.

We stayed 4 nights and travelled to Nimmitabel, Bombala, Cathcart, Pambula, Candelo, Bemboka, Bega, Wandella, Cobargo and so many other small towns.
We stayed at Pambula Beach two nights, one night at Handkerchief Beach at Narooma and one night at Burrill Lake near Ulladulla.
We also stopped at so many beaches I lost count.

This was a mission to find an area to start our new chapter however it was more than that it was also the first time Andrew and I had holidayed on our own, I think i can get use to just the two of us and of course our Sally Girl. I know I will miss our boys terribly but they have their own lives to lead.

7. Pick an area, The Bega Valley - Check
8. Pick a Real Estate agent - Check
9. Get the paper work ready to put the house on the market -
10. Get the house listed -

Only 2 things left to do on our fist 1 to 10 to do list.
The house should be on the market in two weeks just waiting on paper work.
To do list number 2 will be posted soon.

I think that I will start a You Tube Channel all about our new adventure.

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Nanna Chel said...

How exciting for you, Nicole. It is certainly a new chapter and to go from the cold of the Blue Mountains to the beach will be an interesting move.

All the best with selling your house.

Chris said...

Wow, this is a new adventure! I know getting that licence is a big deal. My husband was 24 before he got his licence, and that was only because he moved to a town with little reliable public transport.

It really opens a lot of opportunities when you get your drivers licence.

We actually don't want to travel so much, because we spend so much time in the car as it is. But that's us. Glad you're having such a good time.

JES said...

How exciting to have a new start like that! I can't wait to see where you end up relocating... And thank you for sharing the photos on your road trip. Australia is a beautiful country!

Please join us again on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)