Friday, August 01, 2014

Tuppaware Cupboard

Does your tupperware cupboard look like this ? 
Lids, containers, jars and any number of other items that gets put in there. Chuck it in and close the cupboard real quick before it all falls out, its amazing how quickly it becomes out of control.

I think that the jam and peanut butter jars are multiplying when the door is closed and why are there more lids than jars.

I pulled it all out and sorted it into washing baskets. Because i have so many glass jars i decided to make a shelf to utilise the space better and hopefully keep them in better order.  

I started out with an off cut piece of ply. This was left over from my wood box that Mr GoingGreen made.
Measured the hight of the jam jars and how long i wanted the shelf. I used the jigsaw to cut the top and both legs. Gave them a quick sand and glued and nailed them together.

There was only one small piece leftover and that went into the off cuts bucket.

I decided to add a piece at the back to make sure the legs don't move about over time, also a piece from the off cuts bucket. The shelf only took 30 mins at most to make.

Here it is finished with all my jars stacked on top.
I have made these before for my pantry, they are very easy to make and they extend your pantry space. They are great for packets or small jars, especially if your pantry is deep.

It feels good to get things organised and tidy.

There were a number of things that did not make it back into the cupboard and even after i took this photo a couple more items were removed.
The blue and brown ice cream containers hold all the jar lids. Being able to grab it out makes it easier when i need to find the right lid.
All the tuppaware bases are sorted by size and so are the lids, they are stored in a large container so again easy to pull out to find the right lid and also easy when putting them away.

Do you have a cupboard that you have to chuck stuff in and close the door or are you more of a everything in its place type. 
For me pretty much the only cupboard that gets like this is the tupperware cupboard all the rest have everything in its place even my Draws, ask me where anything is and i can put my hand on it straight away.

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Meggie said...

This what I need to do....mine are in a deep kitchen cabinet drawer. You should hear the noise I make, when digging through to find a lid...laughing!

Anne said...

Ok you can come and do my cupboards next!!!! ;)
I wish I was more organise with my home.
My kids mess it up as soon as I tidy maybe when there older it get easier to be more ordered with things!

Great idea with the shelf!

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Looks wonderful! A decorator friend of mine talked to me about using up all the space on a shelf, not leaving any empty space above the storage.

Thanks for linking up to Fabulously Frugal Thursday!

Anonymous said...

What a difference! The shelf idea is fab! I wish I could re-design my kitchen to stop the craziness from happening in the cupboards. T x

Chris said...

Nice use of carpentry skills. We use our corner cabinet for our plates and bowls - they're fairly deep, so we stack things at the back which we don't use as much.

My plastics pantry however, was a terrible mess until David started bringing home some empty catering size margarine containers, from work. I started to put my little containers in them, so that now when I make Sarah's lunch, I just pull out one large container to access all the small ones.

Adding jars to the equation would make sorting a plastics cupboard, that little bit harder. The shelf was a good idea though. All my spare jars get packed into cardboard boxes, according to milliliters and shoved into any spare spots around the house.

Stasia said...

There is nothing like an organized cabinet! and the tupperware cabinet is always the hardest… thank you for sharing on WYWW… I look forward to reading more!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Very clever thinking re the shelf. When I organise my tupperware cupboard, it always ends up back messy in no time at all, I have the same problem with my pantry! Thanks for the reminder that it is time to do it again :)