Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yard Work

two days of yard work, yesterday it was just Sally Girl & i, 'A' joined us today. pruning mulching & planting, needless to say im now had it so a leisurely afternoon for me, but first some pictures
ok no pictures blogger wont let me, so maybe later

two orange trees, one is a Lanes Late & the other is a Valencia

the people next door pulled all the jasmine off the fence so now they can see all the way down our yard from their back veranda, to say im not pleased is an understatement so i have started to plant agapanthas along the fence & the first of a row of Grevilleas, far enough away that they cant cut them from their side.

these are the Lilliypillies i planted a while ago they are full of new leaves, they are down near the compost bays we put in when we first moved in. i am hoping to grow them to fence height.

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greenfumb said...

Looking good Nicole. Shame about the snip happy neighbours but they should disappear soon, I have lillypillies and grevilleas and they are like triffids.

Yard work is great for keeping you warm, I can smell my neighbours open fire but I am as warm as toast as I have been beavering away out there all day.