Friday, September 24, 2010

How Nice

how nice is it to just take a day off work, well thats what i did on monday. never taken a sickie before, it felt great & a little bit naughty.
spent most of the day down in the chook yard.

i had dug a new bed on sunday & A' added compost from one of the bays & dug it through.
the chooks went nuts for all those worms & bugs. ended up shooing them out before they spread it all over.
planted out sweet corn & made another row for butternut pumpkin, topped them off with some straw.
in the hen house there has been quite a bit of pecking going on, so late in the afternoon i did a little more fencing & moved Miss White & Miss Brown over to the Green & Red hen house. they have settled in & still sitting. when i went down to feed the chooks that morning there was a little grey chick in the nest but unfortunately it was dead.
sunday also saw two more posts in the ground for the new veggie garden.
rows three & four in the potato garden have now come up, Nicolas & Dutch Creams.

this morning i made a new garden journal, think ill sit outside tomorrow afternoon & fill it in. nothing like a new book for a new season, bring on the lists :o)


Anne said...

:) Ive just done some planting in my vegie patch too...Some tomatos and basil.

Megan said...

that is a wonderful garden journal you've made! hopefully you've had some lovely weather to sit outside and write too