Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recycle This

ultimate mattress recycle

a new bed came into our house so that left us with an extra mattress.
i listed it on freecycle & someone said they wanted it but didnt turn up to collect.

so i got this idea into my head to see how much of it i could use.

take 1 single bed mattress & a pile of old Jeans
help/hindrance from my Sally girl & 1 teen boy

i cut off the top & bottom fabric

removed the top & bottom foam

cut the recycled cotton matting from the springs & cut it in half on both sides

removed the side foam
then all that was left were the springs

cut up a stack of old jeans & sewing together to cover the recycled cotton matting, making 4 mats for Sally.
the denim is easy to vacuum & wash.

Sally Girl trying out her new mats

there were 4 lots of foam under the fabric, 3 of these i used to top up my old couch

the 4th i will use to make a cushion for a bench
1 of the side foams was used to hold the cover on my couch by tucking it down the back

the springs will go into the garden as a trellis for my spring peas

all that is left is 3 side foams & the top & bottom fabric, haven't decided on those bits yet will update when i do


Jacqui said...

Nicole, you are a woman after my own heart! I have a single bed here that is destined to be recycled one day - I have often wondered how many things I could make out of it - and what things I could make out of it (for some reason I thought of oven mits??!) - you're a champion!!

Nicole said...

mmm oven mits, id be careful, if they have foam in them they may melt from the heat