Friday, February 05, 2010

Counter Stats

Just noticed that my Hit Counter is at the 5000 mark, so thought id have a give away.
so whats up for grabs you might ask, how about a pretty patchwork cushion cover to start with.
when i make things i usually do a couple the same, this one was 1 of 3 the other two have been sold.

to win just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday 10th Feb 8.30pm
[ i can only post in Australia, Sorry to all those who live else where]
if you like this you may like the other ones i have made over on my Going Green Handmade Blog


angelina said...

i'll be the first!
i've never won anything on these bloggiveaways either. if you pick me i'll p myself...

Ariad said...

Love the cushion. Also want to say I love reading your blog and seeing all the clever things you make.

Toria said...

Such pretty colours. Off to have a look at the others now, I hadn't realised you had a second blog.