Sunday, February 15, 2009


we have EGGS
one of my girls layed me an egg on Sunday the 8th :o)
this week i have had a total of 6 eggs, they may be small like bantam eggs but they taste Devinne i had forgotten how good fresh free range eggs taste.
the first two i had as soft boiled with soldier toast
& the other 4 as scrambled eggs
it is only 2 of the hens that have started laying, one of the Rhode Island Reds & one of the Austrolopes, they are both sporting bright red combs.

how sweet is our Miss Sally, this was after her nice warm bath on wednesday morning before we went to the vet for her last needles.


greenfumb said...

They're so yummy arent they and very satisfying to know you've managed to produce them (with help from the chooks of course). Your pup looks adorable too. Hope work is gong well x Deb

Chris said...

Sally is growing so fast. She's such a cutie still. Is she all cuddley? My last pup, now a dog, couldn't be cuddled for very long. She'd see it as play and start jumping and licking!! On the very rare occassion she stopped for a full cuddle, I loved it!

Fresh eggs are awesome aren't they. The two breeds you mentioned are early maturers. (I hope that's a word). Nice to see all your care is being repaid in eggs. Enjoy!

Nicole said...

Sally does like cuddles but only when she wants them usually at night, the rest of the time she just wants to play & bite