Monday, December 04, 2006

a little while

so its been a while, busy with christmas stuff, classes, markets & a huge amount of exercising.
we had 2 weeks with the house full of smoke with the bushfire's, didnt come close to our house thank goodness, but i still sent all our photos down to my FIL's just in case. we had a pretty good view of the helicopters picking up water & dropping it, they really do, do a very good job.
still have most of my photos to put back on the walls, just keep getting side tracked.
we put the christmas tree up last week & i finished all the inside decorations on saturday, just have all the outside lights to do, we were going to do them on the weekend but we had a bit of rain {water and electricity dont like to play}
i have the last market of the year on saturday, fingers Xed we get a lot of people through.

how cute are those glass christmas balls, i bought the balls 3 years ago intending to fill them & decorate them & i finally got around to doing them a couple of weeks ago. i did 2 pink sets, a blue & silver set & 2 maroon & green sets.

start date Saturday 21st October
Kilos lost 11.2

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scrapadel said...

Glad that the fires didn't get too close. I was very nervous for you when I heard that hey were up that way.

Love the glass balls, they look awesome.