Thursday, May 11, 2006

my day in a nut shell

One of those Blah days today, didnt want to do much at all. Exercised this morning and surfed the net for a while. Chatted up a storm with Ali {had a good laugh}. Caught up on all my emails {62} :o/
went for a walk in the rain, but it only rained for about 1/2 an hour :o(
did some shopping :o) and have cooked tea. my day in a nut shell.
didnt even scrap today, but here are a few i have completed in the last week or so :o)


Julie said...

Sorry to hear you had such a 'blah' day yesterday nicole, hope things have picked up for you today.
Great work with the layouts, really liked your challenge one with the guitar - you actually inspired a new topic for my circle journal - lol, yes - yet another topic change.
Take care and will chat soon

Karen said...

Nothing worse than having those Blah days hey Nicole. I have those on and off too! so glad when they are over too...

Love the LO's Nicole... I so love your work.